I think about this each and everyday.

I know that I have dated quite a few guys, and I know that I rushed into things with all of them. And I know that the three words that should be the most sacred in this world, were thrown around all the time. But not next time.

The next time I find a guy, I am going to make sure that he is the best thing for me. That he is going to be the best person for me to be with. I already have my “perfect” guy planed out in my mind.

Someone who can handle me.

Someone who will watch movies like Thumbelina with me and then the fast and furious.

Someone who will let me cook and clean for them but know that I am not going to do EVERYTHING for them.

Someone who is down to go on adventures with me whenever.

Someone who can jam out to dirty rap with me but also chill to indie music with me and scream our hearts out.

Someone who can  somewhat understand my brain.

Someone who understands that I have a past but lets the past be exactly that, the past.

Someone who will help me with the little ideas I get in my head.

Someone who will let me quote a movie .

Someone who knows I would rather get sunflowers than roses.

Someone who will curl up with me and drink tea with me.

Someone who wants to help me help the world.

Someone who will just lay with me in the grass and talk about life.

Someone who will call me out on my bullshit, not act like I am fragile.

I might not find all of these qualities in a guy but that is fine. I know what my heart wants. I know what my heart needs. I know what is the best thing for me.


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