The day I ended my addiction;

I just decided to delete my facebook. I decided to go into the unknown. I decided to cut myself off from everyone. All of the people I love and hate. But more of the people I hate.


I can no longer be a stalker.

I can no longer just go up on an ex’s page anymore.

I can no longer “like” the stupidest shit in the world.


I am no longer in a bad addiction.



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4 responses to “The day I ended my addiction;

  • Emily

    Goodness gracious, I wish I had the balls to do that. Congratulations 🙂

  • mylifeaselana

    haha yes, it was a very hard thing to do but in the end it seems worth it

  • Danniel

    I like Facebook very much in so many ways, but I really don’t enjoy that I’m friends with this girl I fell for which enables me to see every time she writes a status essentially about fucking a new guy, which is way more often than I would have ever expected. Recently I’ve been staying away from facebook for that exact reason.

    • mylifeaselana

      I stopped because it started to disgust me. I don’t like the people in my town, and they do not like me back. I would get random messages telling me that I am a whore and whatnot. Yeah, I’m strong but it just gets old after a while. And I always would look at girls pictures and judge myself off of them. Aaannnd, I would stalk my ex boyfriends which is not good.

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