…and that is why I don’t date high school boys.

The reason why I don’t date guys my age is quite simple.

They suck.

I will not date a guy who is in high school. End of story.

I have never been the typical teenage girl. Nor have I been the typical high school student. I don’t like bull shit. I don’t like petty things. I don’t like drama. And high school boys bring all of that.

You might be saying “Elana you can’t put all high school guys into one category.”

Yes, yes I can. See, I have been dating high school boys since 8th grade and they really are all the same.

I like older guys. 18-22. I can relate to them more. I can actually have an intelligent  conversation with them. They just get me.


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8 responses to “…and that is why I don’t date high school boys.

  • Danniel

    In my many years of being a boy I’ve found that guys don’t really change that much from 15 to 23. I think many girls like to date older guys because they think they’re more mature than boys their own age, but I think it only appears that way because the girl is stuck in school surrounded by immature boys so she cant’ escape that notion. Whereas with older guys the girl will narrow in on the more sophisticated ones but not notice the many immature ones. Also I think older guys develop a certain gravitas that make them seem more mature than they really are. This of course is all moot, because no matter what the age most guy tend towards being douche bags.

  • mylifeaselana

    It is just my personal preference. I have always acted older than my age and I just attract older guys so I am used to how they are. Guys that have jobs and goals and can have a decent conversation with me. Yes, I know that there are a lot of shitty older guys.But the type of older guys I go after are usually good. Except for the last one, he was worthless.

  • jmcartee

    Hey now, make an exception. Im a junior(im 17) and Im not an idiot, drama whore, little kid. My ex was 20, and im not lying. I like older girls, but I will make an exception for some girls younger than me.

  • jmcartee

    :'(. Haha im jk. My parents let me do what I want so its like im 18 anyways.

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