Elana: The movie soundtrack.

Songs have a lot of meaning. They have a lot of purpose.

Each and every one of these songs mean something to me, they all have a story to tell.

My story.

  • “Anthems for a seventeen-year-old girl”- Broken social scene.
  • “Boys and bugs”- Poema.
  • “Never grow up”- Taylor Swift.
  • “Fucking boyfriend”- The bird and the bee.
  • Anything by Nevershoutnever.
  • “Something”- The Beatles.
  • “Werewolf”- Cocorosie.
  • “If it means a lot to you”- A day to Remember.
  • “5 years time”- Noah and the Whale.
  • “Little lion man”- Mumford and sons.
  • “Sleepyhead” -Passion pit.
  • “Fast car”- Tracy Chapman.
  • “Crash into me” – Dave Matthews band.
  • “Don’t call me peanut”- Bayside.
  • And anything by Bright eyes

Those are for my every day songs. Chill. Relaxing. Good.

But, there are different songs for at night.

  • “Very busy people”- The Limousines.
  • “Still fly” – The Devil wears Prada.
  • “Second and Sebring” – Of Mice & Men.
  • “Uneasy hearts weigh the most”- Dance Gavin Dance.
  • “Shes got a…”- T. Mills.
  • “Flaskaboozendancingshoes”- The Limousines.
  • “Alcohol”- The Millionaires.
  • “Everywhere I go”- Hollywood undead.
  • “No hands” – Waka flocka flames
  • “Last Friday night (TGIF)” – Katy Perry.

There is a lot more. The songs that compliment my life so well are endless. And the list is growing each and everyday.


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