The only boy I truly love;

This is Shadow. My Shadow Kalub Drew.

He just so happens to be the love of my life.


I’m allergic to cats but he is so worth me not being able to breath sometimes.  When I walk into my house everyday I saw “Shadow, mommy is home!” and he comes running to the door. I give him a kiss and we cuddle.

He listens to me. He sleeps with me. He gives me kisses.

I might seem like  crazy cat lady but oh well. I love him to death.


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8 responses to “The only boy I truly love;

  • Jackie Paulson 1966

    I love my two cats to “death” if the house were going to be on fire, I have trained them to come for treats! I would take my cats with me. Do you worry about what you would do? Jackie Your blog buddie?

  • mylifeaselana

    Shadow also comes to me for treats, and he loves to play with ice. Shadow is going to come with me wherever my life may lead me

  • James

    At the risk of compromising my masculinity, let me state on the record that I love kitties.

    Actually you’re just like me, I’m allergic to cats too, but I’d endure more than just allergies for the company of one lol. They can’t not cheer me up whenever I’m around one lol. Eventually you’ll develop an immunity toward your specific cat. Or at least that’s my theory, because I had a cat throughout my childhood and I was never allergic to her, but any time I go into a household with cats, it takes about 2 hours for the itchy eyes and sneezing to begin.

    and btw black cats are my fav.

    • mylifeaselana

      Cats are just my thing. I might sound dumb for saying this but I think it is because I am a Leo. And I know lots of guys who love cats. When my step dad brought him home I was kinda sketchy due to the fact that he was black(that sounds bad), but once I saw his eyes I just fell in love. I will die alone with Shadow Kalub Drew. I will die happy.

  • Emily

    Amen. My cat is my one love too. But I’ve decided, if I never get married, how bad could it be to be a cat lady? I’d embrace it. I’d live in a Victorian, babble to myself outdoors, and, best yet, carry around stuffed-animal-kitties, so I could pelt them at neighbor kids while laughing maniacally. LOL.

    But seriously, my cat matters more to me than my boyfriend. And Guinness is pretty territorial, so he usually doesn’t approve of whomever I bring home (he’s been right about them every time, though…).

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