Fuck you.

As you can see, I have a problem telling people what I feel.

Ha. Fuck that and fuck you.


I used to be a “people person”

I really did.

But then, I grew up.


Almost everyone in my town hates me. I have lived here since kindergarten. I have known must of these fucktards since kindergarten.

I hate them all.

They all think that they know me. No.

But what I really hate about most of them is that they are hypocrites.

When me and my friends were doing drugs and partying and all that jazz, they were looking down on us. Jesus was their best friend. They were better than us.

But now, oh shit, they are doing the SAME EXACT THING. But oh god forbid if you point this out to them.

Drop the hookah and go back to Jesus.

Better yet, give me the hookah and get the hell out of my town.


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