Things that make me, me.

The other day someone asked me a question that made me think. This person asked me about my flaws or “quirks.” So I made a list.

  • I have to sleep with some kind of light on when I sleep alone.
  • My addiction to green tea. Okay, that might not sound weird but trust me, it is. Green tea is like my crack. I drink it all the time. It can be hot or cold, I don’t care.  One time one of my ex boyfriends bought me a gallon of Arizona green tea. It was finished in that exact day.
  • I am in love with memories. Okay, this one also needs an explanation to it. If you have ever read my “Diary of an Insomniac” posts then you might understand. I had a really good friend of mine, a guy, read them. He said that he feels as if I am still in love with the boys from my past. And that is far from true. I am just in love with the memories of my past.
  • I don’t like to wear pants around my house. Boy shorts and a hoodie is all I need.
  • I like to steal my friends clothes.
  • I have a mothers heart. I will cook for you, clean for you and do your laundry if you just ask me.
  • I love kids. But not in a creepy way. I have always loved kids. As you may know, I am half mexican and mexicans reproduce like bunnies. No joke. So, my family is constantly growing and I constantly have new kids to fall in love with. And, I used to be a pre school teacher. I have all of my certifications.
  • I rearrange my room like twice a month. Don’t ask me why, I have no idea.
  • I cut my hair after I break up with someone.
  • I color my hair a lot. I am a natural blonde and haven’t been blonde since like the 5th grade.
  • I like even numbers.
  • I don’t eat things with bones. Or seafood. Or hot dogs. Or ham.
  • With fruit flavored candy, I don’t eat the yellow or green ones.
  • I will quote a movie word for word if someone lets me.
  • I have to have my door locked when I am in a car.
  • I need some sort of noise in order to clean.

There is a lot more but I need to keep some to myself. I have to be cool and mysterious.


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