This is just me being a girl

If I was still with Brandon, today would have been our anniversary.

But, we are not.

And I miss him all the time.

He was my prince, but I just wasn’t his princess.

I know that we will both find the one that is right for us, it just sucks knowing that he isn’t mine anymore.


I think about him all the time. Everyday. Every night. I try not to. It just happens. And no, I am not still in love with him. I just miss him. He was my friend way before we even started dating. I miss my friend, not my boyfriend.

Ex boyfriend.


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5 responses to “This is just me being a girl

  • Emily

    My ex seemed like a prince, too, until I realized that his “love” was actually obsessing and controlling. He isolated me from my friends and family until all of my time was devoted to him, and when I didn’t obsess over him in return, I felt guilty, as if it were my fault that things weren’t perfect. I felt responsible. I was not being the princess for my prince. It wasn’t until I got out of the relationship and had time to grieve that I was able to realize he wasn’t ever my prince, and couldn’t ever be. I wanted so badly to go back to him, I missed my best friend (we were attached at the hip the whole year before we started dating), but I missed me more.

    Good luck to you. Relationships can take over your mind, body, and spirit. Just remember: time heals.

  • oldancestor

    Interesting stuff.

    I wonder if Brandon put up a blog post about you today.

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