The night I never wanted to end;

I want you to know something before I tell you about my night.

Usually NOTHING goes right for me.  I’ll have the best night ever planned out in my head but then it will just be a total bust. But not this time. Everything went perfect.


So, it was Saturday March, 12th.

My friend Lauren and I were going to a show in Downtown Orlando.

We had a fun little car ride there, jamming out to music and listening to the stupid GPS lady.

Well, we get there, find a place to park and start another adventure.

Walking around this big town, having a few hours to kill and nothing to do. We were chain smoking like crazy people, getting hit on by crazy people and were stalking that cute skater boy who had a pretty smile.


And I gave a homeless guy a dollar. I’m amazing.


Well anyway, it got around the time to go to the show. We were the happiest girls in the planet at that moment.

So blah blah blah, things happened and then it was time for the show.


I feel in love with the opening band that we have never heard before.

Yellow Ostrich.

Alex, the lead singer, his voice is the voice of angels. And his smile is so pretty, and he is just a beautiful human.


So they played some songs and my eyes were watching him the whole time.

Then another band came on.



They were pretty good, but there was a really cute guy in the band.

And during their set, I locked eyes with a guy. Yes, it was very cliche. The band was playing, I saw him across the bar.

Yeah, that is my life.


Anyway, I was still giving Mr. Gorgeous looks the rest of the night.


Then, Say Hi came on.

The reason we were there.

Mr. Gorgeous kept looking. And then the hot guy from Blair started looking over at my friend.

We were both smitten.


Then, Mr. Gorgeous walked by me and gave me a smile and said “Hey.”

I almost died, but I didn’t cause I’m cool like that.


Oh, and during the show, Batman showed up.

Yes. Batman.










Yup. That is Batman. Crazy super fans.

But anyway the show ended and we had to run to our car because our time was about to go out. I really wish we could have stayed a little bit longer though so that those boys could have talked to us but oh well.


So, we have a pretty fun car ride home, get there around 12:30ish.

Then, we had like less than 10 minutes to get ready. We were going to party.


We got picked up by a friend of my friends and we went to this house.

A house that I have been to before.

Okay, so I have never really told a lot of people about this before but here we go.

The last time I was at that house, we had a naked shower party.

2 guys and 2 girls.

It all started because of Jager and Truth or Dare.

I got a little crazy, story of my life.


Well anyway, we got there and it wasn’t really a “party.”

There was like 5 people there and then 8 when we all got there.

We started drinking, playing some games and just hanging out and having a good time.

Honestly, the best part was getting Taco Bell.

I was so hungry.


But yeah, that was the best night of my life.

It might not sound like much but all the little things I didn’t mention made it memorable.


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