Douche bags wanted.

Sometimes I feel as if that is written all over my face.

That or I just have some sort of magnet in me that only attracts the douchiest douches of them all. That magnet also tends to repeal the good guys.

I really don’t get it.

You either have a girlfriend or are fucking every girl under the sun or are just a creeper.

Out of the guys that I thought were “good” that I feel for, one is engaged with a baby on the way (he found out when we were pretty serious), one cheated on me and is with some dirty little whore, and all the others found someone better than me, or someone that they thought was better than me.

Honestly, a lot of people think I am quite a catch, not to sound conceited or whatnot.

I cook.

I clean.

I love kids.

I love to play video games.

I can hang with the guys.

But, I have yet to find a guy that can see how special I am.

Okay, I lied. I have found guys like that but, not guys that I like. And I feel so bad for not liking them. They treat me like a princess and basically act like the sun shines out of my ass. But that is too much for me.

Boys who think I am perfect are not okay with me.

They are living in a fantasy world, and I prefer to  live in reality.

I smoke, I curse, I drink, I do stupid shit, and these boys who see me as perfect can’t deal with that. And that is not my fault. I never said I was perfect. I will be the first person to point out all my flaws to you.


But all in all, sometimes I am scared that one day I will push away the right guy. I believe in soul mates and I just feel as if my stubbornness  or my inability to like the nice guys will make me wind up single.


Well, I will always have my cat is all goes wrong.


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10 responses to “Douche bags wanted.

  • desireeislistening

    You’re an amazing girl, and when you LEAST expect it you will find that guy but, you arent ready right now, and thats why you dont have him and he doesnt have you. A guy should take you for all your flaws and who you are! 🙂

    I know how amazing you are, and you will find a guy that feels the same. HE wont be perfect either but, he will be perfect for you


  • mylifeaselana

    And that is why I love you so much ❤

  • desireeislistening

    Awww 🙂
    at lest someone does.

    I love you to sista! ahaha

  • jmcartee

    Haha, fiesty. I like it. I kind of makes me sick how other guys act. They act like immature idiots, and give a bad name to guys in general. You seem pretty cool to me, just try to avoid the douchebags. Youll find a guy that fits you well.

    • mylifeaselana

      I just hate how shitty guys have to ruin it for the good ones. Most of my friends are guys and its so weird to hear about how they feel with girls and stuff like that.

      And I am pretty cool (: haha

  • Danniel

    This is such a prominent topic in my life. I wouldn’t say I’m a ‘good’ guy because I’m only good in the sense that I can be sweet on occasion but really I possess no other qualities a girl would want in their ideal man, but I definitely wouldn’t label myself as a douche bag. And I know how it feels to be that ‘good’ guy who the girl doesn’t like and instead goes on to date a douche bag, or in my case three douche bags, and then watch her constantly complain about how guys treat her badly and keep breaking her heart and how she can’t find a good guy, all the while I’m screaming, “I’m right here. What the fuck is so wrong with me that I’m not better than them?”

    And then even when the girl does like me, which is extremely rare, it’s always, “I can’t be with you right now, I’ve had my heart broken too many times, I’m just not ready for anything yet.” So great, because a bunch of other douche bags treated her like shit I don’t get the chance to treat her like the angel she is.

    That mixed in with watching my old friends treat their very sweet girlfriends like shit has made me garner a huge hatred towards douche bags.

  • mylifeaselana

    Girls are dumb. We can never see what is best for us.

  • mylastfewdays

    Cool you like video games! This is probably going to be a really annoying question, depending if you get annoyed by super nerdy things, but…do you play Runescape? I play and I love it! It’s really addicting though, so if you don’t already play it–don’t 😮
    Just wondering

  • mylastfewdays

    Do you think we can make it?

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