Pro life. Pro gay marriage. Atheist.

I decided to make a post about why I am pro life, pro gay marriage and an atheist.


Pro life–  First off, let me say that I have some friends who have had an abortion. That was their choice, but I would never be able to that. As I see it, you never know who or what your baby could have been. Maybe down the line they could have found the cure for cancer, and that was their destiny, and you messed up their fate before they even had a chance. What is Einstein’s mom aborted him. Thomas Jefferson’s. Winston Churchill. People that inspired us and who gave us so much hope. What if their mom decided that they didn’t want to go through with the pregnancy. Where would that leave us?

And yes, I know that people get raped, and that people don’t think they can support a child. Well, there is adoption. There are people that want a baby. And if I was one of them, and I just feel as if finding out someone had an abortion would be a slap in the face for me. I could go on and on about this topic but, I really want to get to the others.

Pro gay marriage– Love is fucking love. If a guy wants to marry a guy, let it happen. If a girl wants to marry a girl, let it happen. You can not help who you love and you can not help how you are. I like guys. I can’t help that. That is how I was born. And I hate all the bullshit cocksucking people that are all like “Oh, they can change, you can make them straight.” No. Get your head out of your ass. People can NOT help who they love.


Atheist- Obviously, I am an atheist because I do not believe in god. The concept of it is just ridiculous to me. You can believe it if you want to, I don’t care, its just that I am never going to change my mind. And I hate when people are like “You just need to be educated with it.” The mexican side of my family are very religious. I have gone to church. I used to work at a Christian day care. I went to vacation bible school. So this is not a matter of me not being educated with god. It seems unrealistic to me. And I’m not trying to bash this religion. It’s just that Santa and God go hand in hand with me. With Santa, he is always fucking watching you and if you are “good” by his standards then you are rewarded in the end. Hm. God too.

And I hate the people that try to convert me.

Honestly, god is not a cock so don’t try to shove him down my throat.


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