That moment when you know they fell in love.

Okay, I’m a sucker for a happy ending. A love story. Complete and utter bullshit. Movies about love are just my kinda thing. It does not matter if I end up crying my eyes out during it and have a “woe is me” feeling throughout  the whole thing. I love them. I love love. Or at least fake, unrealistic love.

My favorite parts of the movies are when you just know that one of the protagonists fell in love with the other, or maybe they fell at the same time. And I’m not exactly sure why I love these times so much. I get goosebumps when I see the looks that they give each other. Then I think. I think about if I ever had a moment where if you were watching me like a movie, you would see that I just fell in love. Then I played back my memories like a movie and just watched all of these moments, or at least the moments that needed to be remembered, and I realized that I have. Well, not necessarily moments where I fell in love, but moments where I was smitten with the other person.

This one is probably one of my favorite moments with a guy I have ever had. It was a beautiful December day in 09. Me and my boyfriend at the time were spending the day at his house. We were watching some Disney movie that I can not remember the name of and when that was over we walked into the kitchen to get a snack. There was cookies all over the place. His mom, typical house mom, had made Christmas cookies for the whole block it seemed like. So we started eating cookies and I saw that she put the birthday card I made for her (yes, I made a birthday card for my boyfriends mom because I am cute), on the fridge. So Blah blah blah, small things happened and then, we went to the living room. It looked like a mess. There was boxes all over the place. She was putting the Christmas tree up. She asked us if we wanted to help her put the Christmas tree up and I was more than willing to help. How cute is that? Mom, son and girlfriend putting up the family Christmas tree together? But it wasn’t exactly a picture perfect moment. My boyfriend was 6’5 and I was around 5’8. His mom and I wanted to put up the  decorations in a nice ordered fashion. He just wanted to throw everything on. And then his two huge dogs, Baxter and Sheba, wanted to help. (RIP Sheba) So we had this huge annoying boy making me aggravated, and his dogs were jumping up on the tree and ruining things. So I got fed up and put them all in time out. Made him put the dogs outside and made him sit down and watch the women make the tree beautiful. His mom and I were talking and I looked over to where he was sitting and he just gave me a smile that radiated throughout my entire body. I was happy. I was smitten. Then, after that we had an ice fight in the kitchen haha.


Another moment I had was much more simpler I feel like. I was going to spend the whole day with a guy I really liked. We were at his house and decided to go to lunch with him, his mom, and his grandma for his moms birthday. And yes, I made her a birthday card too. We were at this nice little Italian restaurant and I was getting grilled by these ladies. Then I guess when they saw how perfect I was (hahahahahaha) they chilled out. We ate, they smiled at me, smiled at him, looked at us together and smiled, everyone was just happy. So after lunch, him and I went out to a lake. It was a beautiful day. We were holding hands and he was holding me while I was against the railing looking out at the water. Then all of a sudden, he took a hold of me , looked me in the eyes and then we kissed for the first time. It was a beautiful moment. The setting was gorgeous and this boy had real feelings for me. Everything about that day was just good.

And there are more moments but frankly, I don’t want to think about them anymore. I just want to fantasize about the moments like that I will have in the future.




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