Lonely Friday night.

I’ll let you guys in on a little secret, I’m kinda lame.

I don’t really party anymore, so there is not a lot of things for me to do on Friday nights. And its not like I would go to any parties in my town. People get shot in towns like mine. And girls get all skanafied to grind all up on dirty guys.

That just does not sound like fun to me.

So tonight, I shall be in my pajamas, (well, boyshorts and hoodie), drinking cup after cup of green tea. I will be listening to indietastic songs and cuddling with my cat. I will debate writing a book, start, and get bored with it. I will watch sappy love movies and wish I had a boyfriend. I will listen to “boys suck” songs and be glad that I am single. I will be laying all alone in my bed wishing that someone was with me. I will be laughing my ass of to reruns of South Park and Family guy. I will make popcorn, eat fruit and dance around in my underwear. I will wonder why I am single. I will sing at the top of my lungs. I will draw. I will plan my life out.

I will wish that there was someone was with me, once again.

Then, I will play Sims3, live my life out vicariously through the Sim that looks a little bit like me. I will make her get a boyfriend. I will make her be happy.

Then, I will eat leftover enchiladas.

I will be alone. I will be happy. I will be thinking.


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11 responses to “Lonely Friday night.

  • jmcartee

    Sounds like my friday night. Minus that dancing, singing, sappy movies, writing a book, and wanting a boyfriend (although itd be nice to have a girlfriend):P. My friday nights are boring. Maybe we can be bored together? Do you have any kind of Instant messaging thing if you wanna talk some time?

  • kluckmeister

    I left work at 10:30 pm and am now dogsitting 6 dogs 45 minutes from my home and friends if that makes you feel any better…

  • Danniel

    I read this twice last night (I’ll often read blogs I like twice in a row) and then I read it again just now because…I don’t really know why. Okay, I do know why, I just didn’t want to explain it. I came to leave a comment so I was just going to scan over it and then say how much I like it, but while scanning I decided to read it fully for a third time and take the experience in once again, and after doing that I have decided that I love it.

    It’s hard to explain exactly how I love it (and sorry if this comment runs long, I don’t intend it to, but it’s night and I’m lying in bed and I think and that means sometimes comments I intend to be shorter drag on and there’s really nothing I can do about it, I don’t really have an edit mode when I’m in this zone). It’s not really like I can point to examples of great description (not that there weren’t examples of great description), or that I can say it was a funny or interesting story because that’s not the kind of post this was. It’s just the feeling I get while reading it.

    It’s like as you describe your night I can picture you (although of course not the dancing in the underwear because I’m a gentleman…okay, you got me, that’s really what I was picturing most), and I can feel your emotions as you go through happiness, and sadness, and happiness again, and laughter, and sorrow, and contemplation. And I don’t know, but as I read it I feel it, and that’s good writing to me. I don’t even think about it, it just happens.

    Anyway I must go and lie awake in bed for another hour before I hopefully fall asleep. I just wanted you to know that I loved reading this (and I hate most writing) and you’re quickly becoming one of my favorite bloggers.

  • desireeislistening

    aw Daniel you’re sweet.

    ELANA wth you have sims 3 on the computer???????
    or the ds!!

    ill kill you if its the computer– i have to try it.

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  • jessye87

    This blog right here is why I love to blog myself. 😀 so nice to be able to get things off your chest. Your blog brought a warm feeling in my chest and I know exactly what your feeling. I can not wait for what’s to come next. Thank you for sharing.

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