Dear future,

Dear future,

Hey. So, my name is Elana Raquel Engelhardt. My last name means “angel hearted” in German but you will soon learn that it is not true all the time.

We will get in fights. I will say mean things to you and then kiss the pain away.

Sometimes I will forget or just not care that you have feelings because you have hurt mine.

That is just the kind of person I am. If you hurt me, I will find any possible way to hurt you more than you hurt me. But please do not hate me for it. I swear I do not mean a thing of what I say. I love you and I will find a way to make it better.

You do not have to have a lot of money for me to love you. My dad always told me to never depend on a guy for money. Money does not mean love. We can be in a shitty apartment eating ramen for a week and I will still be madly in love with you.

I want you to know that I am going to do everything in my power to make you happy. But, I won’t change for you. I love you but I have to love myself more.

I hope that you love kids as much as I do and will hold me while we watch a scary movie.

I hope that you will be okay with the fact that I want to get a puppy and a kitten and name them Milo and Otis.

I hope that you are as weird as I am.

I hope that you understand that I am not a coffee gal, green tea is for me.

I hope that I am one of the most important things in your life. Notice I did not say the most important thing. I just want to be up high on the list. In the past it always seemed as if I was second best. I don’t want that to be that way with us. And I doubt that it will be, I just want to make sure.

I hope that you will be okay with the fact that I rearrange my shit all the time.

I hope that you are okay with the fact that I have the mouth of a sailor. I have a filter, I swear I do.

But most importantly, I hope you love me as much as I love you.


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4 responses to “Dear future,

  • Danniel

    Reading these last two posts were pleasant. Now here comes my “so tired I almost feel drunk and yet somehow I feel it will be a good idea to leave a comment” comment.

    I imagine you’re one of those girls who is just so adorable it’s painful. And while I’ve also read evidence to suggest you can get very angry I imagine when you’re yelling at your boyfriend he just stares at you with a faint smile all the while thinking how adorable you are even when you’re yelling and cussing up a storm.

    I think your future is going to be a very lucky future.

  • mylifeaselana

    I likeee to think that is what they are thinking. And thank you for your kind words (:

  • shoesaddiction

    I really don’t know what to say but I can’t just leave without leaving a comment. You are a deep person with passion for love and I can see my old self in you. I am pretty sure the right one will find you, just be patient and good luck! Stay happy.

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