I don’t ask for no diamond ring or delicate string of pearls;

It has been three long months since I have had a guy to call my own. Sure, I have had some guys like me but I’m not sure. See, the guys that like me are friends and if I have learned anything from dating Brandon is that if you have a really good friendship with someone you should not ruin it for a relationship. That was one of the biggest mistakes I have ever made in my life. He was my best friend and by making him my boyfriend I no l0nger have him in my life.

But anyway…

I realized something.

The type of guys I like are the kinds that I don’t date.

I have a thing for guys with tattoos and who play guitar or are in a band. I love it when they wear beanies and glasses. Beards. Guys who are intelligent and who can party with me.

But, my ex Brandon, well he played lacrosse and football and he was kind of a nerd. He wore beanies and had glasses but besides that, he wasn’t my type at all.

And Ryan, well he was the farthest thing from my type. I still to this day do not understand how or why we ever dated.

All in all though, I know that deep down that my perfect guy does not have to be “hot” or covered in tattoos. My perfect guy just has to be able to make me laugh till I snort, smile when I don’t want to, and understand that I’m not going to change.

My perfect guy would be with me right now while I type this in bed just chilling in old sweats and a hoodie with no make up just listening to city and colour with me.

(That song is amazing)

My perfect guy would love my curls and hate the fact that I straighten them.

My perfect guy would introduce me to new music that I would love.

My perfect guy would watch house hunters with me and man vs. food.

My perfect guy would always be down for an adventure.

My perfect guy would not be perfect in anyway.

My perfect guy does exist.


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