I wish you well;

First of all, before you even start to read anything, you need to listen to this amazing song.

Yellow Ostrich is amazing and this song makes my soul so happy.

And yeah, I heard this song preformed live.

Alex has one of the most amazing voices in the world.

“You always seemed a little to happy, Mary.”

Love it.

Well anyway, I have been thinking about this topic for a while now.

And no, not drugs. Fuck drugs.

And yeah, that song has nothing to do with what I have been thinking about I just really wanted you to hear it.

Anyway, as some of you may know, I like to think and I tend to do it all the time. And when I say think I don’t mean oh I wonder what I’m going to wear or what I’m going to do tomorrow. I think about crazy shit.

Like what if all of our wishes that we have wished since we were old enough to make wishes, all came true?

Every little girl would have a pony and we would all be married by like age 12.

A lot of people would be dead.

A lot of people would be famous.

A lot of people would be rich.

A lot of people would be beautiful, or atleast what they think society sees as beauty.

I for one am glad that wishes do not always come true.

I would still be with the same guy I was with when I was 15, or maybe even the one I was with when I was 13.

Maybe my kindergarten crush, who is a huge douche bag now, would be my husband.

I would be a princess and I would have a lot of friends.

But you know what, I love my life the way it is.

I have been through struggles that have made me, me.


Elana Raquel Engelhardt.

Life is not meant to be perfect.

My life is imperfectly perfect.

I wish it stays like that forever.


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Words can not describe me. But I try to use them to explain me. View all posts by mylifeaselana

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