Winter guard ruined my life;

So, my first two years of high school I did this thing called winter guard. Most of you probably do not know what that is. Its that thing with the flags. Yeahhhh.

Well anyway, I did that my freshman and sophomore year.

Here is a video from one of my very first shows. The theme was “Dead Poets society”.

We practiced all the time and had a show every weekend it seemed like.

And if you were wondering if I was good, well I was okay. I didn’t suck but I wasn’t the best either.

One of the good things about guard is that I met a few good friends. And while I don’t talk to any of them anymore execpt  for Lauren of course. But at the time, my teammates were my family. They were my sisters.

I remember one night in particular night when me and some of the girls were sitting outside at one of our competitions. Lauren started crying, then I started crying and then like 5 other girls started crying too. We were all crying about something different but at pretty much the same. Boys. Boys and how they were fucking with our hearts.

It was honestly one of my best moments of my guard career.

Sometimes I wish that I would have continued with guard but I know that I would’t be able to do it. Guard is full of girls and drama and I don’t like either.


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